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imajview 3.8 available

by Imajing

12 07, 2016 | Posted in Product | 0 comments


Imajview now enables to integrate background maps from external data servers with a URL and user ID. Real added-value, create your interactive maps and choose backgrounds among open source or private database.

New default XML models available

Brand new XML models with data model examples for GIS projects are now available in the installation folder of imajview : - XML data model for road projects - XML data model for rail projects

Improvement of vector layers projection in any coordinate system

During vector layer import, if imajview cannot re-project a layer on-the-fly projected in another coordinate system than WGS84, the software will offer you to choose the proper projection within a list of existing coordinate systems.

...and many more, contact us for a trial. A NEW VERSION OF IMAJBOX POST-PROCESSING SOFTWARE IS ALSO AVAILABLE New post-processing algorithms for better accuracy in complex environments

Post-processing algorithms have been significantly improved and provide a better integrity of navigation solution in complex environments (heavy vegetation, urban corridors, traffic jam).

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New navigation mode for more accuracy : differential post-processing with GPS & GLONASS

by Imajing

03 23, 2016 | Posted in Product | 0 comments

More satellites available in cities and in mountains for imajbox® and imajbox® Twin !

imajing has just released a new version of its dGNSS post-processing engine supporting both GPS and GLONASS constellations in differential mode. Using multiple constellations enables to have in practice 12 to 22 satellites tracked simultaneously in open sky. In harsh conditions -narrow urban canyon, deep valley, dense vegetation coverage- such solution enables to keep satellites in view and continue to compute differential technique based position, instead of only relaying on IMU and dead reckoning.

All imajbox manufactured since october 2015 have been equipped with a GNSS receiver and enable to record raw data from GPS and GLONASS.

The new engine included in imajing Post-Process software enables now to process both GPS and GLONASS raw data with accurate differential corrections, and get 0,5M DRMS planimetric absolute accuracy.

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New advanced navigation processing engine embedded in the latest release of Imajing Browser

by Imajing

03 18, 2015 | Posted in Product | 0 comments

imajing has just released a new suite for post-processing data collected with imajbox mobile mapping system.

This new software contains a lot of improvements to simplify user's life and to manage massive data amount.

It includes an integrated optimized processing scheduler that leverages all the power of your processing machine and all associated GPU resources. Designed to easily manage and manipulate large surveys composed of hundreds of sequences, the new processing engine can optimize parallel processing and can distribute it according to the machine resources. This version contains many evolutions on the navigation engine itself that brings more reliability and more accuracy in complex environments surveying. The software interface has also been simplified and offers the possibility of viewing data processing progress in real time. Finally, Imajing Browser also manages data opening in imajview photogrammetric and GIS software, making it a central point in the imajing tool chain.

imajing post processing engine

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imajview 3.5 version was released

by Imajing

11 22, 2014 | Posted in Product | 0 comments

Imajview 3.5 version was released


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imajnet®, ease of integration for 3D enabled street level imagery with SDKs

by Imajing

10 03, 2014 | Posted in Product | 0 comments

 imajnet® is the geospatial web service of imajing®, which enable to massively browse data and images collected by imajbox® portable mobile mapping system. imajing® has recently strongly improved imajnet® to make it simpler to consume and integrate.



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imajview 3.4

by Imajing

07 15, 2014 | Posted in Product | 0 comments

 Unicode support for international users, integration of OpenStreetMap tiles on the fly.


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imajbox new generation

by Imajing

05 01, 2014 | Posted in Product | 0 comments

In May 2014 in São Paulo, Brazil, imajing launched its new range of imajbox® products : imajbox® L, imajbox® S and imajbox® T. Wireless and with battery, the new imajbox® has grown on simplicity and autonomy. In order to bring more and more flexibility and control to the user, imajbox is now a Wi-Fi hotspot. It can be driven from a smartphone or a tablet, and enables to control the quality and the progress of the survey in real time.    

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