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Zhengzhou Railway Bureau choose imajing solution for the railway management

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09 22, 2017 | Publicado en Noticias | 0 comentarios

 September 2017, Zhengzhou Railway Bureau signed an agreement with map2go (the imajing Chinese partner), purchase imajing’s products, including imajbox and imajview.

Zhengzhou Railway 2

Basic spatial data is the foundation for railway utilities management. These data include: Linear reference system data of the railway network, measurable images along the railway network and facilities data include electrical facilities , power supply facilities, etc.

And, the measurable images are very important for checking the railway environment, find potential dangerous factors.

imajing Chinese partner

The imajbox set up on the train to survey the railways


“For a long time, we couldn’t find solution for acquiring data because we have to setup the instrument inside train. “ The user said.


imajview software to process and use the imajbox surveys


After more than 3000km test using imajbox and imajview, Zhengzhou Railway Bureau finally choose imajing Railway Mobile mapping and GIS solution provided by Beijing Map2go Information Technology Co., Ltd.

imajing Chinese partner 2

The imajbox suitcase as big as a computer and the antenna as big as a cup

“In fact, imajbox+imajview is a safe, convenience, and high-performance solution for us.” the user said

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Imajing in Indonesia with PT. Puri Green Resources

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09 01, 2016 | 0 comentarios

Imajing was in Indonesia, in August 2016, to promote and demonstrate its mobile mapping and GIS solutions for road asset collection, GIS and maintenance. The Indonesian archipelago is composed of more than 13000 islands and has strong needs for portable, productive and easy-to-use mobile mapping system such as imajbox. Introduced by PT. Puri Green Resources, imajing came to prove the concept of its solutions, collecting data along the main roads of Jakarta. Based on acquisitions, imajview GIS data production software was used to demonstrate the potential of the tool chain for extracting 3D coordinates and attributes of each asset visible in images collected.

Enjoy the fresh YouTube video shooted during the demonstration and showing all possible applications of imajing tool chain to maintain the Indonesia road network !

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imajbox deployed in Puerto Rico to serve the DOT

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03 23, 2016 | 0 comentarios

Since mid-2015, an engineering company of Puerto Rico has been running 2 imajbox systems to perform a road survey program for updating and enriching the road database of Puerto Rico Department of Transportation (DOT), USA.

The first phase of the project was focused on the western part of the island. It had for main purpose the collection and geo-referencing of the road environment, such as all milestones for LRS management, sidewalks for condition assessment, central separators, security fences and lanes for database updating.

imajing® technologies were chosen after completing a strict qualification process with a pilot project performed in early 2015. The GNSS data were first processed using CORS reference stations, then the outcome of the pilot project was compared to land surveyor data, previously collected with traditional methods. The DTOP validated the imajbox data conformity to accuracy requirements, including for heavy canopy surveying, which cover a large part of the island and make GNSS reception more complex. The efficiency and the simplicity of imajing technologies combined with accuracy tests did convince both the engineering company and the DTOP to roll out imajing technologies for Puerto Rico road maintenance and mapping.

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imajing® mobile mapping solutions deployed in Russia to serve the State Budgetary Institution of Moscow City “Roads”

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12 14, 2015 | 0 comentarios

The State Budgetary Institution of Moscow City "Roads" is one of the leading organizations of road and communal services in Moscow City. It was created in 2011 by order of the Government of Moscow, and is now responsible of the complete maintenance, repairing and paving of roads and streets of Moscow City.

imajing has equipped in August 2015 the State Budgetary Institution of Moscow City "Roads" with 4 imajbox® mobile mapping systems through its Russian representative and distributor Technopole Company. In early 2015, imajing mapping and GIS solutions were studied and compared with other technologies for road surveying usage, in order to digitize borders, sidewalks and pavement of Moscow City. This information then enabling to rapidly get all kind of dimensions and areas of the road environment. To perform this task, imajing integrated tool chain convinced the Russian Institution, seduced by its flexibility of use in urban area and cost-effectiveness for surveying large-scale road network, as Moscow City counts approximately 5,000km.

imajbox® mobile mapping system and imajview GIS data production software have now integrated the State Budgetary Institution of Moscow City "Roads" workflow and are part of decision-making process for pre-studying and monitoring Moscow City's road pavement condition. This is for both Technopole Company and imajing a promising entry in the Russian market.


imajing SAS is a leading manufacturer of portable mobile mapping and GIS technologies with in-house positioning, navigation and imagery technologies enabling simple, efficient and cost-effective large scale data collection on transportation networks. imajing® integrated technologies enable up-to-date field information surveying to give the means to manage transportation networks with GIS.

More at

The State Budgetary Institution of Moscow City "Roads" is a Russian institution created in 2011 in charge of the complete maintenance, repairing, marking and facilities management of Moscow City's roads and streets.

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Technopole Company is a Russian provider of worldwide valuable high-technologies along with engineering, consultancy, and maintenance services to answer needs in hydrography, hydrometry, hydrochemistry, testing (dynamic, climatic and vibrational), inertial navigation, geology, oceanography, topography and surveying areas.

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El centro de estudios de carreteras (CRR – Belgium) ha elegido las soluciones imajing®

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09 16, 2014 | 0 comentarios

El centro de estudios de carreteras (CRR – Belgium) es un instituto de investigación que se ha construido una sólida reputación por sus cincuenta años de existencia. Su investigación se ha centrado en las áreas de diseño, construcción, mantenimiento, seguridad y movilidad de los caminos. Con los años, el CRR ha desarrollado un amplio conjunto de servicios y herramientas para ayudar y aconsejar los actores de las redes de carreteras.

El CRR ha estado convencido por Imajbox – el sistema de cartografía móvil de imajing – con el fin de evaluar, inspeccionar y guardar en memoria el estado de las carreteras. Con su flexibilidad y su fiabilidad, imajbox se inserta en la cadena de herramientas del CRR y se utiliza con diferentes vehículos para registrar datos de campo, que serán muy útiles para la interpretación de los resultados de los otros sensores.

Además de este objetivo, el CRR y DrivenBy – empresa especializada en la adquisición de datos georreferenciados – han validado un método de inspección visual del estado de las carreteras con los levantamientos imajbox®.

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ESA BIC – imajing ganador de la primera incubadora espacial francesa

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12 20, 2013 | 0 comentarios

El proyecto Galileo propuesto por imajing ha sido elegido por el comité ESA BIC. Este proyecto permitirá a imajing de invertir en el desarrollo de soluciones innovadores de navegación para zonas urbanas densas y países emergentes.

ESA BIC Sur de Francia nació de un acuerdo emitido por la Agencia Espacial Europea (ESA) y firmado por los grupos Aerospace Valley, CEEI Théogone y el CNES.


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Wintech – nuevo distribuidor imajing en China

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11 25, 2013 | 0 comentarios

Wintech es una empresa china que tiene negocios en SIG y cartografía. Desde diciembre 2013, Wintech puede vender oficialmente la cadena de herramientas imajing en China.



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Cotecmi – Nuevo distribuidor Imajing en Ecuador

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07 25, 2013 | 0 comentarios

Cotecmi es una empresa ecuatoriana que distribuye varias soluciones de posicionamiento y de cartografía. Convencido por la cadena de herramientas Imajing, Cotecmi eligió de representar la empresa en Ecuador.


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