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Plus que deux mois et demi avant le lancement d’INTERGEO 2017 à Berlin ! 

par Raphaëlle Demery

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Ne manquez pas l'occasion de nous rendre visite durant l'édition INTERGEO 2017, le salon de renommée mondiale sur la géodésie, la géo-information et la gestion des terres.

Du 27 au 28 septembre nous serons ravis de pouvoir vous présenter nos dernières nouveautés sur notre stand B4.016 situé Hall 4.

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Découvrez imajing 3D pro

par Imajing

06 23, 2017 | Publié dans Evénements | 0 commentaires

Imajing 3D pro est disponible le 30 juin avec imajview 4 pour les clients possédant la licence EVOLUTION. Si vous n'êtes pas détenteur de cette licence n'hésitez pas à contacter notre équipe commerciale.  EN SAVOIR PLUS

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Customer testimony : 100 000km of Venezuelan roads covered with imajbox®

par Imajing

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Watch the video in Spanish  : Customer testimony imajbox_venezuelan_road-2

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Imajing© équipe la ville de Namur pour la gestion de ses voiries

par Imajing

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Regarder la vidéo : Le « Mobile Mapping », un nouvel outil pour la gestion des voiries namuroises

"La Ville de Namur a présenté son nouveau système de « Mobile Mapping ». Concrètement, un véhicule communal équipé d’une caméra photographiera l’entièreté des voiries ainsi que le mobilier urbain. Une nouvelle technologie qui permettra un meilleur entretien des routes namuroises." TÉLÉVISION CANAL C

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Imajing provides ESRI© users with online 3D enabled images

par Imajing

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Developed by Imajing. Imajnet enables transportation infrastructure managers to host and share, within their organization, geo-referenced 3D images surveyed with Imajbox mobile mapping system. Imajing has developed extensions to enable Imajnet integration in ArcMap with a plug-in, and ArcGis Online with a widget. 

Integration in ArcMap

Integration in ArcMap

Integration in ArcGis Online

Integration in ArcGis Online

Imajnet is a web service providing multipurpose information to transportation network managers. Hosted on Imajing cloud or deployed in public organization servers, Imajnet gathers field teams, engineering and management around common references and data to meet transportation network's recurrent monitoring.

Imajnet integrates a set of tools enabling users to inventory and measure equipments visible in images, process and overlap GIS layers, navigate in surveys history, and search for places in geographical or linear coordinates. Recognized as a concrete solution to manage nationwide networks, Imajnet enables a full interaction between ESRI© environment and 3D images collected by Imajbox mobile mapping system.

Imajing provides a dedicated plug-in for an integration in ArcMap, and a dedicated widget for an integration in ArcGis Online. All ESRI© users working with surveys performed by Imajbox mobile mapping system will be able to centralize data on the same application, and give life to their ESRI© suite.

Experience the widget : Widget for ArcGis online demo version

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Imajing for durable road inspection in China

par Imajing

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April 10, 2017,


"2017 China (Nanjing) Transportation Information Forum and Technology Exposition" was held in Nanjing International Exhibition Center. The Forum was sponsored by the Jiangsu Provincial Highway Society and the Jiangsu Province Transport Department. The theme was "Intelligent transportation, cross-border fusion". The meeting presented dozens of brilliant technical reports, as well as nearly 100 of the relevant enterprise products. The two-day session attracted a large number of government and business units from the Chinese transport industry.


Map2go, Imajing partner in China, presented a technical report on the "new integrated model for road inspection, data collection and updating" in the main forum, and received widespread attention from participants. “We need to urgently solve the problem of incomplete, inaccurate, imprecise and difficult to verify road data which cannot be collected on demand and which have to be continuously updated. These issues directly cause us to fail to achieve the precise management and quantification of highway maintenance, leading to inaccurate decision making", said Mr. Baoguang Wang, the founder and CEO of Map2go.


Imajing® advanced road data acquisition and updating technology, innovates the area of road survey, data acquisition and updating with an integrated model for maintenance. It provides road management departments with the freedom to have arbitrary access and continuous update of road data. It provides a new technology and service guaranteed for the sustainable and economical preservation of road networks.


During the forum, Map2go, the participating experts and many highway business departments conducted a lively discussion, detailing the relevant technical and successful experience in China and abroad.


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In March 2017, meet us for rail exhibitions in Istanbul (Turkey) and Lille (France)

par Imajing

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Imajing is exhibiting in EURASIA RAIL (Istanbul, Turkey) and SIFER (Lille, France) in March, both railway exhibitions. Imajing will present a set of railway technologies to meet rail infrastructure monitoring and sustainability needs : safety and signalling complicance, infrastructure and assets monitoring, GIS and railways modelling.  

EURASIA RAIL - 2-4th of March - Istanbul, Turkey

EurasiaRail_banner Imajing will exhibit in partnership with GEOMATIK HIZMETLER, imajing distributor in Turkey, Hall 11 Booth 411.  

SIFER - 21-23th of March - Lille, France

SIFER_banner Imajing will exhibit in partnership with Immergis, imajing subsidiary performing rail assets & infrastructure surveying and monitoring projects, Booth 2/108.

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Imajing expands activities with the acquisition of Nigsys

par Imajing

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  Imajing has completed the acquisition of 100% of Nigsys, a software development company specialized in web solutions and GIS technologies located in Craiova, Romania.   “This is a great opportunity of growth with a company we know very well as we collaborate with since several years, their expertise complement nicely our teams” said Etienne Lamort de Gail, President and CEO of Imajing sas.   “All the team is really happy to join the imajing family, we appreciate the leadership, the creativity and the innovation of imajing” said Bogdan Negru, founder and general manager of Nigsys.   Nigsys concentrate a core team of GIS and web experts, with a strong expertise in large scale spatial databases. Nigsys has developed a wide set of solutions based open source or proprietary GIS components, including mobile apps and large scale GIS infrastructure. nigsys

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imajview 3.8 available

par Imajing

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Imajview now enables to integrate background maps from external data servers with a URL and user ID. Real added-value, create your interactive maps and choose backgrounds among open source or private database.

New default XML models available

Brand new XML models with data model examples for GIS projects are now available in the installation folder of imajview : - XML data model for road projects - XML data model for rail projects

Improvement of vector layers projection in any coordinate system

During vector layer import, if imajview cannot re-project a layer on-the-fly projected in another coordinate system than WGS84, the software will offer you to choose the proper projection within a list of existing coordinate systems.

...and many more, contact us for a trial. A NEW VERSION OF IMAJBOX POST-PROCESSING SOFTWARE IS ALSO AVAILABLE New post-processing algorithms for better accuracy in complex environments

Post-processing algorithms have been significantly improved and provide a better integrity of navigation solution in complex environments (heavy vegetation, urban corridors, traffic jam).

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Technopole Company in Moscow Road Expo, 11-13 October 2016, with imajing !

par Imajing

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Road Expo 2016 in Moscow is approaching ! Technopole Company, imajing representative and distributor in Russia, will handle a booth during the Road Expo exhibition taking place in Moscow from the 11th to 13th of October. We are pleased to invite you to visit them, Hall 4 Booth A246 ! Discover imajbox system and its processing tool chain for road asset inventory and monitoring. We are looking forward to meeting you there ! Contact Mr Yuri Emelyanov for more information : +791 699 028 39 /

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