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Mobile mapping provider

 Who is imajing ? 

imajing is a mobile mapping provider created in 2008 to answer the needs of transportation infrastructures managers for roadways, railways, waterways and utilities condition assessment, asset management, asset inventory and monitoring.

Based in France, the imajing team is composed of experts in geo-positioning, navigation, image processing, mapping and GIS.

Our technology is based on a revolutionary concept for mobile mapping systems. The company has chosen to size its products to give flexibility and ease-of-use to its clients.

In doing so, today imajing is well-known for providing a powerful and integrated mobile mapping tool chain which merges field reality with geographical data, for transportation infrastructures mapping, surveying and management.

 Our values 

Our corporate culture is based on strong values such as rigor, requirement, commitment and ambition feeding a strong team spirit. The R&D team is devoted to innovation and to the continuous improvements of the tool chain. imajing offers complete surveying technology which gets free from the complexity of existing mobile mapping technologies as well as wide tools chain for production and publication.


imajing has based its business relationship on honesty and professionalism, essential to provide high quality products and services.


imajing solutions have proven to be highly reliable and effective through the hundreds of thousands of km surveyed and processed by imajing technologies, which serve worldwide projects on road or rail networks.


imajing has chosen to turn data collection and GIS technologies into simple processes, accessible to anyone within an organization.

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 Our partners 

imajing is always willing to partner with local organizations in countries where its products are not represented yet. A trustfull relationship is essential for a profitable collaboration.
When committing with a company which has chosen to represent imajing technologies, we aim at giving all the marketing and communication supports. The necessary tools, pieces of demos and training are provided by imajing expert to enable our partners to perform valuable demonstrations to prospects and clients.