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imajnet® is a web service publishing high quality corridor images from imajbox surveys. imajnet manages data hosting, spatial and time indexing to serve on-line applications which consume a web service over internet or intranet.
Asset managers and engineers have the possibility of using, consuming and fusioning imajnet® data with their own application and GIS environment.
imajnet provides access to thousand of kilometers of transportation network with advanced search options and 3D measuring tools. All data is geo-referenced and gives common field reference for GIS business applications.

imajnet web service

For more information please read imajnet technical specifications

imajnet is turnkey web service solution adapted to any configuration and enables to

  • Get the immersive view of your network thanks to imajbox surveys
  • Fusion it with your GIS applications and environment
  • Perform 3D features measurements, geo-referencing, timeline navigation
  • Make collaborative work easier and more performing
 For any audience 

imajnet web app is an off-the-shelf web application enabling to use imajnet web service by browsing and using all the features freely. OpenStreetMap or other suppliers – according to subscription – are available as background maps.

 For developers and integrators 

imajnet SDKs are developed to integrate and fusion imajnet window and its functionalities into any web or desktop GIS applications, through JavaScript and .NET components.

 For GIS users 

GIS plug-in are available to access to data and images produced with imajbox® directly in your GIS software.

You can interact with QGis, ArcGIS®10.1 and 10.2, and GeoMedia®06. 01. 11. 13

 For field operations 

imajnet LRS Compas is a smart Android application running on any 3G smartphone having a GPS.
Connect to imajnet Linear Referencing System to compute, on the field and in real time, the current location of features into LRS coordinate system.
Download it on Google Play !