imajing solutions are developed to give transportation infrastructures managers the means to cost-effectively perform asset management by assessing and maintaining their network.

Information digitizing has become essential to maintain and manage transportation networks. Public organizations increasingly need to know and to keep track of all the equipments along an infrastructure. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) enable to give a common database for different applications on a same network. The GIS database is spatially geo-referenced and is merged with field images, it enables to virtually navigate in a network.

Transportation infrastructures and utilities have their own specificities and standards for asset management. To be properly maintained with GIS technologies, they need to be supplied with updated data and tools to control, analyse, inventory and study the network condition and assets.

Combining GIS and field reality images, imajing purpose consists in giving life to GIS by offering a tool chain to easily collect field data, produce GIS and feed a database always up-to-date.

 Use mapping and GIS technologies for 

Asset inventory

Inventory all the assets and equipments along a transportation infrastructure, get to know their condition, dimension, number and geo-reference all of them on a map, with the corresponding images taken from the field.

Infrastructures assessment and studies

Study and assess the transportation infrastructure, analyse the network condition, prioritize and plan projects, prepare tenders with tangible data.

Work control and monitoring

Monitor the network, detect changes and evolutions. Get an overview, plan and estimate budgets. Get visual supports and documents for work preparation.

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