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"The project is stimulating, the company is stimulating, and our global product and service range is now amazing."


Bogdan Negru

Can you tell us a bit about you and how you joined the imajing family?

I’m Romanian, and leave in south of Romania, in Craiova. 

After several years in a service company, I first met imajing in 2009 during an Erasmus stage in France. I ended up spending more than a year there, learned a bit of french and put the basis of the future imajnet® service while getting my master’s degree in computer science at the same time. From the very beginning I knew it was going to be a long story.


When I came back to Romania, I started a service company in order to continue the collaboration with imajing on the imajnet® project but also to torture with my French other French clients.

Since then, our relationship got closer and closer, until 2016 when we decided to integrate my team into the imajing organization, and we became imajing Romania.

Now, we are around 20 people in Craiova, and we need to grow more as our activities are expanding.

So, what is your role and the rOle of imajing Romania in the organiZation?

imajing Romania takes care of all the web development at imajing, as well as some manual production work (such as dataset labelling for AI training), so there are basically 2 teams, software development (web full stack) and data processing team. My role is to manage the Romanian entity, to animate the teams and to exchange with the CEO whenever needed. 

I am also very much involved in the architecture design and evolution of our systems and development team management.

As you know we have 30 hours per day in Romania, this gives us the chance to do more in a day than anywhere else.

What is nice about working within you team ?

We are a super highly digitized company, even more since the Covid, and now we have people working everywhere, but we also have a good team building moments in our offices or company events. The project is stimulating, the company is stimulating, and our global product and service range is now amazing. The team in Romania is extremely excited about all the new platforms and products we are releasing especially when their own ideas are in there.

So, to summarize, modern dev technologies, good IT infrastructure, highly automated software production and testing, strong technical challenges, and nice people to share time with. What else?

How do you work with the team of Toulouse, France ?

Basically, exactly as if we were sharing the same office, daily, at all levels of the company, between dev teams, between support teams and IT teams.

We are all connected to our own private cloud infrastructures and we collaborate with several tools and platforms we host. Easy.

By the way, we also visit Toulouse time to time, sometimes only for fun.

A word about how you are involved in the long-term strategy of the company?

I’ve been part of the imajing family since the beginning, the Craiova teams are integrated in the organization since years now, each member plays his role in the big imajing team.

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