imajbox deployed in Puerto Rico to serve the DOT

imajbox in Puerto Rico
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Since mid-2015, an engineering company of Puerto Rico has been running 2 imajbox systems to perform a road survey program for updating and enriching the road database of Puerto Rico Department of Transportation (DOT), USA.

The first phase of the project was focused on the western part of the island. It had for main purpose the collection and geo-referencing of the road environment, such as all milestones for LRS management, sidewalks for condition assessment, central separators, security fences and lanes for database updating.

imajing® technologies were chosen after completing a strict qualification process with a pilot project performed in early 2015. The GNSS data were first processed using CORS reference stations, then the outcome of the pilot project was compared to land surveyor data, previously collected with traditional methods. The DTOP validated the imajbox data conformity to accuracy requirements, including for heavy canopy surveying, which cover a large part of the island and make GNSS reception more complex.
The efficiency and the simplicity of imajing technologies combined with accuracy tests did convince both the engineering company and the DTOP to roll out imajing technologies for Puerto Rico road maintenance and mapping.

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