infrastructures managers

Having thousands of kilometers of network with a dense traffic night and day requires a very simple technology to enable regular collection and control. 

To maintain a good level of service of your highway, you need to monitor it on a regular basis. With a large-scale network, it becomes almost impossible to collect information manually, to control sub-contracted work and to provide office support to engineering and maintenance.


The regular collection of geo-referenced, 3D-processed and accurate imagery, gives you a virtual motorway corridor for feeding or updating your assets databases, GIS or CAD, and support your operation and maintenance teams from any location. These images can also be the support for visual pavement inspections.

This powerful tool will allow you to become entirely independent when collecting up-to-date data, therefore optimizing your on-site operations. These surveys can then be shared online with your collaborators.

We also offer a machine learning service enabling you to automatically detect changes between readings, like a broken sign or stolen equipement.

By supporting your daily monitoring and your long-term indicators, imajing simplifies and optimizes your infrastructure maintenance, supervision and planning.



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