Other than regular support for an imajbox®, imajview® and imajnet® use, a customized imajing support can be provided for the tool chain integration into an organization that needs to adapt and optimize its workflow.

IT expertise

An IT expertise can be provided by imajing's experts to organizations that need to fully integrate imajing's functionalities within their processes, particularly for the use of imajnet® when there is a strong need of sharing data between the different departments.​

GIS expertise

imajing's GIS experts are available to give every organization all the means to properly work with both mobile mapping and GIS technologies. Regardless of the GIS level of the organization, imajing will always provide the adapted support.

Technical expertise

Maintaining roadways, railways, waterways or utilities is are entirely different professions, and imajing offers each field an expertise to properly optimize the toolchain to specific applications. Each environment can be treated to perform any kind of maintenance projects.

Our support program consists of a hot-line support for immediate responses in solving specific problems when using imajing’s toolchain.

You can also find a long term support to improve the quality and efficiency of the processes of the toolchain in order to broaden the scope of applications.

The evolution program enables you to benefit from all of the technical evolutions and improvements that are regularly occuring on the tool chain.

These evolutions are the result of our collaboration with organizations and companies working on very diverse projects. Their feedback is necessary and highly valuable for the sake of enriching and adapting the software tools to multiple uses and applications.

The evolution program is provided through an extranet access. It gives access to the latest updates and upgrades.


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