Image processing, spatial positioning and navigation

Driving innovation for the future, the R&D department is continuously innovating and improving imajing technologies.
The following domains are among the most important for imajing mobile mapping solutions improvements :

  • Spatial positioning and navigation
  • Image processing and data mining
 Spatial positioning and navigation 

imajing® develops its own positioning algorithms which are at the core of imajbox mobile mapping system.
Positioning algorithms are designed for the mobile mapping use, by exploiting GNSS (Global Navigation Satellites Systems) hybridized with multiple sensors and informations sources to obtain a constant accurate positioning, whatever the collection conditions are.
The permanent investment of imajing® in positioning technologies enables to respond to wide range of needs, as well as offering integration of latest improvement of the GNSS world.
The fine mastering of positioning technologies enables imajing® to bring solutions for almost any positioning requirements wherever in the world.

Image processing and data mining 

Because images are massively produced, imajing® has to bring automated tools to enable automated 3D reconstruction, change detection and data mining. Since 2008, the R&D image team has been working on camera calibration and modelling, 3D photogrammetry, optical flow, SLAM (Simultaneaous Localization And Mapping), face detection, blurring and many other internal image tools that are integrated in imajing® tool chain.
Multiple topics are addressed in the image processing R&D team, covering metric 3D point cloud reconstruction from single camera in motion, segmentation and labelling of any environment, model learning, rectification and texturing.