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 imajnet for ESRI

Imajnet® enables a full interaction between ESRI environment and 3D images collected by imajbox® mobile mapping system.

Imajing provides a dedicated plug-in for an integration in ArcMap, and a dedicated widget for an integration in ArcGis Online. All ESRI users working with surveys performed by Imajbox mobile mapping system will be able to centralize data on the same application, and give life to their ESRI suite.


For more information please read imajnet technical specifications

What would imajnet® bring to your ESRI environment ?

  • imajnet® gathers field teams, engineering and management around common references and data for recurrent monitoring
  • imajnet® offers a set of tools to inventory and measure assets, process and overlap GIS layers, navigate in survey history, and search for places in geographical or linear coordinates
  • imajnet® provides information making collaborative work easier and more performing
  • imajnet® connects ESRI suite to field reality
 ArcMap plugin 

imajnet® can be integrated to ArcMap with a specific plugin.

Install the plugin on your computer with a package and activate it in ArcMap software. Through an internet connection, access to imajbox data fully synchronized with ArcMap software.

 ArcGis online Widget 

Imajnet® can be integrated to ArcGis online with a dedicated widget.

    The widget can be installed:

  • Through ArcGis online store
  • or through an installation package

Integration example : Imajnet widget for ArcGis online