imajing 3D Pro is a set of tools to compute depth maps behind 2D imajbox® images and generate 3D point clouds from a single pass.

It automatically brings a 3rd dimension to single imajbox® surveys, providing a unique lidarless 3D source.



The imajing software and web tools are dealing with 2D images from imajbox® surveys .

These 2D images are basically thousands of photos taken every 2 to 3 meters of the zone that has been surveyed. Each image is precisely geo-referenced and oriented in space.

To enable 3D positioning and measurements in images, imajing has introduced photogrammetric tools.
As the raw data material of the survey is only made of a single view 2D images, the photogrammetric 3D positioning requires to pick the exact same point in two consecutive images.

These tools are highly accurate, but require a precise operation and two clicks for a single point.

Without having a LIDAR on board, no depth information is available.
So imajing decided to combine all of its know-how on positioning, image processing and code optimization on graphic cards to create imajing 3D pro.

Imajing 3D Pro includes several algorithm that do bundle adjustment, visual odometry, feature tracking, rectification, correlation, filtering and fusion of depth maps to provide 3 outputs :

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Imajing 3D Depth maps

For every image of a survey, a depth map is generated. This depth map enables the user to compute the distance between the camera and the object, feature or element selected on the image, and therefore to compute instantly a 3D position of the element pointed by the mouse on the image. These depth maps are used by imajview 4 to enable a 3rd positioning tool (photogrammetry, ground plane, depth maps).

The result offers the same comfort as mixed LIDAR+IMAGE surveys, but made from a single image source. The solution of a single image source reduces drastically the volume of data collected, and simplifies at most the collection process. 

(eg: enables surveys behind a windshield, up to 130km/h with imajbox® 3).

These depth maps are supported in all the imajnet® solution for web publishing. Included. 

.PCD Pointcloud

By fusion of depth maps, imajing 3D Pro can generate point clouds in .pcd format.
.pcd point clouds are not geo-referenced, but are calibrated and can be used for measurements, CAD or 3D modeling.

This module is included in the standard imajing post processing software since imajview 4.2

.LAZ point clouds

.LAZ are geo-referenced point clouds that can be used in any 3D point clouds tool for modeling, measurement, geo-referencing points, integrating in a DTM, etc.

This module is sold as an option.


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