New advanced navigation processing engine embedded in the latest release of Imajing Browser

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imajing has just released a new suite for post-processing data collected with imajbox mobile mapping system.

This new software contains a lot of improvements to simplify user’s life and to manage massive data amount.

It includes an integrated optimized processing scheduler that leverages all the power of your processing machine and all associated GPU resources. Designed to easily manage and manipulate large surveys composed of hundreds of sequences, the new processing engine can optimize parallel processing and can distribute it according to the machine resources.
This version contains many evolutions on the navigation engine itself that brings more reliability and more accuracy in complex environments surveying. The software interface has also been simplified and offers the possibility of viewing data processing progress in real time.
Finally, Imajing Browser also manages data opening in imajview photogrammetric and GIS software, making it a central point in the imajing tool chain.

imajing post processing engine

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