New navigation mode for more accuracy : differential post-processing with GPS & GLONASS

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More satellites available in cities and in mountains for imajbox® and imajbox® Twin !

imajing has just released a new version of its dGNSS post-processing engine supporting both GPS and GLONASS constellations in differential mode. Using multiple constellations enables to have in practice 12 to 22 satellites tracked simultaneously in open sky. In harsh conditions -narrow urban canyon, deep valley, dense vegetation coverage- such solution enables to keep satellites in view and continue to compute differential technique based position, instead of only relaying on IMU and dead reckoning.

All imajbox manufactured since october 2015 have been equipped with a GNSS receiver and enable to record raw data from GPS and GLONASS.

The new engine included in imajing Post-Process software enables now to process both GPS and GLONASS raw data with accurate differential corrections, and get 0,5M DRMS planimetric absolute accuracy.

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