imajnet®, ease of integration for 3D enabled street level imagery with SDKs

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 imajnet® is the geospatial web service of imajing®, which enable to massively browse data and images collected by imajbox® portable mobile mapping system. imajing® has recently strongly improved imajnet® to make it simpler to consume and integrate.



In addition to the plug-ins for desktop GIS application (ArcGis, Geomedia, QGis), components were developed to bring an open source high level integration enabling any web site, web GIS or application developer to easily integrate imajnet® web service.

imajing® has released 2 flavors of its imajnet® SDK, one is oriented toward Microsoft environment with .NET, and the second one is fully JavaScript.

With such integration, applications can merge with imajnet® and its functionalities : request images and points of view via geographical or linear coordinates, obtain 3D coordinates of any point visible in images, make 3D measurements with centimeter level accuracy, inject spatial data in images and fully interact with field view to navigate.

Doing so, imajnet® brings powerfull add-on to business applications which require to regularly update field imagery, especially for the management of transportation network, aerial electrical network or any corridor oriented infrastructure.



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