Besides regular support for imajbox, imajview and imajnet use, a customized imajing support can be provided for the tool chain integration into an organization which needs to adapt and optimize its workflow.

IT expertise

An IT expertise can be provided by imajing’s IT experts to organizations which need to fully integrate imajing functionalities within their processes, particularly for imajnet use when there is a strong need of sharing data within the different departments.

GIS expertise

imajing GIS experts are available to give any organization all the means to work properly work with both mobile mapping and GIS technologies. Regardless of the GIS level of the organization, imajing will always provide the adapted support.

Technical expertise

Doing the maintenance of roadways, railways, waterways or utilities is a different profession, and imajing offers an expertise to properly optimize the tool chain to specific applications. Each environment can be treated to perform any kind of maintenance projects.

 Training and support 


The imajing training is prepared and taught by GIS and road professionals to give a rapid control and use of imajbox and imajview processing software. The training is adapted to our client’s specific business applications (roadways, railways, waterways or utilities).

Initial training

2-day training session for 1 to 5 people including

  • How to best use imajbox
  • How to structure data collection
  • How to use imajview software : data models construction, configuration, options and use of imajview for different purpose
  • How to use imajnet web service and its functionalities

Ongoing training

1 day session occuring every upgrade of the software, including

  • Complete review of the software last version – for the field operation team and project manager
  • Users feedback on concrete projects and applications
  • Optimization of productivity by studying the new functionalities, methodologies and uses


The support program is composed of a hot-line support for immediate response to solve specific problems in using imajing tool chain, and of a long term support to improve quality and efficiency in uses to enlarge the scope of applications.


  • Hot-line for a quick support to your cut-off points – 9:30am-1:00pm, 2:00pm-5:30pm GMT+1
  • Dedicated mail for an answer within 48h –
  • FTP Server – for data and software exchange
  • Remote maintenance services
Training and support
 Evolution program 

The evolution program enables to benefit from all the technical evolutions and improvements occuring on the tool chain.

These evolutions are the results of our collaboration with organizations and companies working on very diverse projects. Their feedback is valuable and necessary to enrich and adapt the software tools to multiple uses and applications.

The access to the evolution program is given under subscription to a RSS flow and a dedicated space on a FTP server, for the provision of beta versions, updates and upgrades.

Evolution program