Since 2008, imajing has been designing geospatial data collection and data processing technologies to serve needs of transportation infrastructure managers, smart cities and engineering or construction companies. 

Ease of use, cost efficiency, productivity and a wide range of tools have been at the heart of our concept ever since the beginning. 

Our technology is bringing solutions to capture, produce, structure and share geospatial information in order to map, inventory, monitor or control any linear infrastructure and all its assets. 

Today, our toolchain is used all around the world by engineering companies, local authorities and road & railway infrastructure owners.

Rigor, commitment and a growing ambition are the strong values that guide our actions day after day and forge the imajing team spirit.


imajing has based its business relationships on honesty and professionalism, essential values to provide high quality products and services.


imajing solutions have proven to be highy effective throughout the hundreds of thousands of km surveyed and processed by imajing technologies, which serve worldwide projects on road or rail networks.


imajing has chosen to turn data collection and GIS technologies into simple processes, accessible to anyone within an organization.


spatial positioning & navigation

imajing develops its own positioning algorithms, which are at the core of the imajbox mobile mapping system.
Positioning algorithms are designed for mobile mapping, by exploiting GNSS (Global Navigation Satellites Systems) hybridized with multiple sensors and information sources. 

It allows obtaining a constant accurate positioning, whatever the collection conditions may be.

The permanent investment of imajing in positioning technologies enables it to respond to a wide range of needs, while also offering the integration of the latest improvements of the GNSS world.

Mastering positioning technologies allows imajing to bring solutions to almost any positioning requirements all around the world.


Because images are massively produced through the toolbox, imajing is always looking to bring new automated tools in order to enhance automated 3D reconstruction, change detection and data mining. 

Ever since 2008, the R&D image team has been working on camera calibration, 3D photogrammetry, optical flow, SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping), face detection and blurring and many other internal image tools that are integrated in the imajing toolchain.

Multiple topics are addressed in the image processing R&D team: covering metric 3D point clouds reconstruction from a single camera in motion, segmentation and labelling of any environment, model learning as well as rectification and texturing.


The R&D division is fully devoted to innovation and to the continuous improvements of our toolchain.


Listening and being attentive is our sales team's priority, to offer you the solution that is best suited for you.


The support team remains available to make sure everything goes smoothly for your project.



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