processing services

For the purpose of better extracting the data from the imajbox® surveys, imajing offers various image processing services, available to all clients.


Ortophotos reconstruction

Based on the pictures of a survey, imajing offers an image processing service to generate an orthophoto of the road. These ortophotos are available in geo-tiff tiles and can be integrated into any GIS softwares or into imajview. They allow vectorization or rapid reconstruction of the geometry of a network.

road sign recognition

Automatic asset detection and inventory

imajing is currently developing recognition algorithms to identify and characterize all traffic signs present on a linear. This process is convenient for large data volumes, where many assets have to be geo-referenced.
However, automatic recognition is not 100% reliable and can ignore or misidentify signs. Therefore, the process includes a manual quality control in order to deliver a verified database containing 100% of the traffic signs.

pointcloud imajing

Point clouds and 3D models

Thanks to feature tracking, bundle adjustement, correlation techniques as well as point clouds and mesh fusion, imajing enables its clients to evolve in a reconstructed 3D environment of their network.

bluring imajing

Face detection and blurring

To preserve privacy, for images destined to public diffusion, imajing has developed an algorithm to blur faces that are visible in surveyed images.

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