Engineering companies

Rapidly collecting accurate 3D information in the field is the key of many projects.
With imajing's mobile mapping toolchain, you can solve a lot of inventory, mapping or inspection tasks with ease.
You can feed GIS and CAD and create references for your client or your project

Having a simple way to rapidly collect data is the competitve advantage that the imajbox® portable mobile mapping technology brings.

imajbox® enables engineering companies to survey hundreds of kilometers a day. This task can be achieved by a single employee without specific skills, the installation being very simple, the calibration fully automated and the collection just a driving matter.


From these surveys, with imajview software, a surveyor can take inventory of any type of visible asset around the road/rail. For example; road signalling (vertical or horizontal), pavement conditions, parking slot, streetlights, street plates, house numbers.

The GIS data production software, imajview®, is not only able to track those elements but it can also qualify them with attributes, previously customized in a data model. Another interesting functionality is the 3D measurement in the image, or the Linear Referencing System creation.

Our customers all around the world love the flexibility of our solutions. They allow them to participate to various tenders with highly competitive offers. Once they own the technology, most of them diversify their activity. Over the years and the constant development, the imajbox® has substantially gained in accuracy and can nowadays be a serious alternative to traditional topography with its higher-end versions.

A nice advantage of imajing’s toolchain is to enable you to directly publish surveys and data to share with your customers; providing continuity in the relationship, trust and added value for the survey services.

your surveys will be faster, more accurate and more cost-effective.

portable mobile mapping device

for fast and flexible data collection

geospatial data processing software suite

for production, edition, control in a GIS environment

web service

for sharing surveys, references
and project data with your client

fast data availability

  • Portable device (1 or 2 kg) can be shipped anywhere and operate from any vehicule to ensure rapid reaction to data need or regular collection.
  • Ultra simple use of the device for untrained personnel enabling to operate with any team.
  • High speed collection – from 1 to 180 km/h and up to 300 km/h with high speed mode* .
  • High speed processing ; after copy of the data to a PC, a 1 to 1 processing : For 1 hour of survey, it will take less than one hour to be ready for working with the data survey set in imajview.

* imajbox® 3TX+ only.

wide scope of use

  • Asset geo-referencing and asset inventory (Signs, equipements, street lights, road geometry, marking, barrier, vegetation, etc.)
  • Visual inspection (pavement, equipements) with 3D measurements
  • Linear referencing and network topology. 

LOW cost of ownership

  • Use of non-specialist for surveying or automatic data collection. 
  • Highly productive technology.
  • Simple PC to process data, simple processing fully automated (no data manipulation). 
  • Small data footprint on your servers to store surveys. 


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