local authorities

Managing changes, planning public space improvements, maintaining a road network...
All of these tasks require up-to-date field information, accurate maps and detailed equipment inventory

The imajing technology chain is designed to deliver accurate and fresh geospatial information about your streets, your roads and all of the equipment within them.

imajing technologies are so simple that they can be used and operated by any member of your team during regular visits or inspections.

You can also contract an equipped local engineering companies to collect the data for you. After that, all you need to do is use the data for your own production with the imajing software.

Imajing provides desktop and web software to exploit surveys for maintenance, engineering,  or GIS/CAD tasks.

Anyhow, it can all be shared online, as images and dataset with the imajnet® web service. It will allow you to feed your organisation with up-to-date field information and integrate imagery services into your own web of desktop software thanks to SDK, Widget and plugins

Imajing gives you the means to know your infrastructure and
to reduce your operation and maintenance costs WHILE increasING security.

Efficient, cost effective, accurate geo-data to support road and street maintenance.

Export in
standard formats.

Online access
to the data.

Fits into your existing software : plugins and widget for ESRI or QGiS,
SDK in JavaScript.


field data collection & updating

mapping & gis data processing

field data & network images sharing

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