imajing 3D Pro is a set of tools, that come with the imajbox® 3 series cameras, that calculate depth maps within the 2D images. 

From a single survey it is possible to generate lidarless 3D point clouds.



Our software, web tools work with 2D images from the imajbox surveys.

These images are thousands of photos taken at regular customizable intervals of the surveyed area. Each image is accurately georeferenced and oriented.

To allow for 3D positioning and measurement imajing initially introduced photogrammetric tools. As the raw data of a survey is a set of images taken from a single point of view, the 3D photogrammetric tools mean that the same point needs to be correctly clicked within two consecutive images.

These photogrammetric tools are very accurate but require attention to detail in order to click on the same point within each image to create the point in 3D.

Without a LIDAR sensor, no depth information is available.

imajing has decided to combine its expertise in positioning, image processing and code optimization to exploit graphic cards and create IMAJING 3D PRO.

Imajing 3D Pro includes several algorithms that do bundle adjustment, visual odometry, feature tracking, rectification, correlation, filtering and fusion of depth maps to deliver three outputs:

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Imajing 3D Depth maps

A depth map is generated for each image in the survey. This map calculates the distance of the camera to all the points in the image and therefore can instantly create the 3D position of any selected point within the image. These depth maps in imajview® 4 make for a third positioning tool (photogrammetry, ground plane, depth maps).

The result is equivalent to a mixed LIDAR + image survey but only taken from a single image source. This considerably reduces the volume of data and simplifies the collection process.

(eg: The imajbox® 3 can survey from behind a windshield).

These depth maps are accessible through our web tool imajnet® and desktop application imajview®.

.PCD Pointcloud

imajing 3D Pro generates point clouds in .pcd format by fusing depth maps. The point clouds in .pcd are not geo referenced but calibrated allowing for measurement, digitalization for CAD ans 3D modelling. 

This option is included in the standard imajing post processing software from imajview 4.2.

.LAZ point clouds

The .LAZ files are geo referenced point clouds that can be used in any 3D point cloud software to measure, geo reference and incorporate in a digital field model as can be done with LiDAR generated point clouds. 

This module is sold as an option.


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