RAILWAYS infrastructures managers

Deployable on all types of trains, both compact and stand-alone, our devices are designed for massive and recurrent collection of geo-referenced 3D images of your network. 

This stream of images is then processed within a powerful toolchain in order to generate 3D images and accurately georeference every visible pixel.

The workflow goes through machine learning, which automatically localizes equipment, feeds the GIS database and detects eventual changes.

All data are published online on the web services provided by imajnet® for serving any application that needs to immerse users in situations with added information to virtually interact with reality.

These images can be visualized with synchronized maps and GIS information at any time and any place.

GIS/CAD users can also use it as a production source to fulfill or update field map or drawings.

Finally, to close the loop, field operations teams share the same linear referencing system. That way, they can have access to real time tracking and report events or tag elements through their smartphones to consume them in the virtual railway web service back in the office.

A technological toolchain to permanently keep an eye on your infrastructure.



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