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imajing gives life to GIS

Road infrastructures

All kind of road networks need to be regularly covered and maintained, whatever their accessibility and condition are. Discover how road assets can autonomously be managed with imajing mobile mapping and GIS technologies, for maintenance, monitoring and management purpose.

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Railways infrastructures

Railway managers have to maintain and monitor very large networks which are very difficult to access. Security and safety of the rail infrastructure requires rigor and vigilance, which is enabled by imajing technologies. Adaptable to rail survey, discover for what applications they can be used.

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Waterways infrastructures

Wandering all territories, canals are difficult to maintain and monitor. They are very sensible to climat changes, and to the fauna and flora impacts. Discover how imajing technologies can provide reliable and up-to-date navigation maps, information about riverbanks condition, and many other.

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Overhead and underground networks are very dense along transportation infrastructures. Utilities managers need tools to carefully collect, qualify and geo-reference the assets to ensure the security and safety of the network. Discover how imajing tool chain can be used to maintain all the equipments.

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A turnkey end-to-end solution

for transportation infrastructures and utilities asset management, monitoring, overview and work control.

imajing merges mobile mapping and Geographical Information System technologies with field images in a unique tool chain, enabling transportation infrastructures maintenance, monitoring and management.

The tool chain philosophy consists in giving organizations the liberty of easily maintaining networks for low money by using todays’ technologies.

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