The imajing training is prepared and taught by GIS professionals. It allows a rapid control and use of the imajbox® and imajview® processing software. The training is adapted to our client’s specific business applications (roadways, railways, waterways or utilities).

Initial training

3-day training session 

for 1 to 5 people.

  • How to use imajbox®.
  • How to structure data collection.
  • How to post treat data.
  • How to use imajview® software : data models construction, configuration, options and use of imajview® for different purpose.
  • How to use imajnet® web service and its functionalities.

Ongoing training

1 day session occuring with every SOFTWARE UPGRADE.

  • Complete review of the software's latest version for the field operation team and project manager.
  • Users' feedback on concrete projects and applications.
  • Optimization of productivity by studying the new functionalities, methodologies and uses.
  • How to use the imajnet® web service and its functionalities.

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