imajview is a photogrammetric and GIS mapping software suite developed to process and use imajbox surveys for transportation infrastructures and utilities asset inventory, study and maintenance purpose. It contains a tool box enabling to perform multi-thematic projects with GIS data. imajview synchronizes imajbox corridor images and any map content.

Discover imajing 3D pro integrated in imajview®

Field viewing tool

  • Navigate into images.
  • Import external GIS data layers and analyse your GIS environment.
  • Get a clear and comfortable cartographic representation.
  • Perform 3D features measurements.

Editing tool

Edit any imported or created GIS vector layers, either in the imajview GIS part or directly in images.

Production tool

  • Produce GIS data.
  • Qualify, mesure and characterize 3D features.
  • Work either in geographical coordinates or linear coordinates (LRS).

External data

Imajbox surveys
Vector layers
Raster layers
WMS service (OpenStreetMap)


GIS  layers edition
GIS layers creation
3D measurements

Data end-use

Publish online
(images, LRS)
(GIS data, images, LRS)

 Depth maps with imajing 3D pro 
Longitudinal profile
 Data model customization 
 LRS construction 
 3D measurements 
 GIS data layers production