imajnet® is a safe and powerful featured web service giving access to nationwide surveys performed with imajbox® mobile mapping system, for any entity within an organization. Flexible, imajnet® is provided with extensions and SDKs to be integrated in ESRI suite and any other third party GIS web or desktop application.
More than a hosting platform for up-to-date field geo-localized images, imajnet® provides a set of tools to extract GIS data from surveys, search for places in geographical or linear coordinates, project vector layers in images, compare surveys over time and make 3D measurements.

 What would imajnet® bring to your organization ? 
  • imajnet® provides instantly access to up-to-date imajbox surveys
  • imajnet® enables to navigate in nationwide networks of thousands of kilometers
  • imajnet® gives information to an entire organization and makes collaborative work easier and more performing
  • imajnet® connects GIS to field reality
 Web application – for any audience 

imajnet® standalone web application is an easy way to use imajnet® web service without specific integration. It is an interface for any users needing a quick access to hosted data, by browsing and using all the features freely.

OpenStreetMap and Microsoft® Bing Map are available as background maps.

 GIS applications – for GIS users 

imajnet® can be integrated to any third party GIS application (desktop or web), with a JavaScript or .NET SDKs. Imajing can deliver the documentation on-demand to perform the integration.
(integration example : IMMERGIS® WEB)

Available for QGiS 3.

 ESRI suite – for GIS users 

imajnet® can be integrated to:

  • ArcGis®online/ESRI with a dedicated widget.
  • ArcMap®/ESRI with a dedicated plug-in.

See more : Imajnet for ESRI

 Mobile application – for field operations 

imajnet® LRS App is an Android application running on any 3G Android phone having a GPS.
The application connects to imajnet® Linear Referencing System and computes in real time, on the field, the current location into LRS coordinate system.
Download it on Google Play.