Manage your networks online.

imajnet® web geo services serves a set of applications and plugins to work in a virtual corridor of 3D enabled images of your network.


The imagery of your network is accessible online via our imajnet® Gecko web application, or with integrations into the ESRI ArcGIS platform and QGiS. 

Our mobile application imajnet® LRS App follows you everywhere in the field and allows you to obtain your positioning in linear coordinates, simply through your smartphone.

imajnet® Gecko



Access your environment in a few clicks

From the reality of the field to your office, simplify your network management with a quick access to high quality images of your entire infrastructure. 

Centralize and organize every data with your team in a powerful collaborative tool. 

Don't just navigate in your reality, enrich it.

Create 3D features

imajnet® Gecko has a set of tools to tag, label and position in 3D any visible element.

Share within the team

The possibility of making your own data public so that your colleagues or your team can benefit from your work.

Analyze with AI

imajnet® Gecko integrates artificial intelligence services able to search, localize in 3D and produce a structured base of the infrastructure.

Integrate imajnet® in any third application

Flexible, imajnet® is provided with plug-ins and SDKs to be integrated in any third party GIS web or desktop application.


For GIS users


For GIS user 


Any application

Get your position on the field

Imajnet® LRS App

LRS App allows you to locate yourself in real time on the field in linear coordinates. If you are not on the track, imajnet LRS App gives you the distance and direction of the nearest track.

Works on foot and in a vehicle.

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