imajbox 3 sensor mapping
imajbox mobile mapping system

The simplest mobile mapping system ever seen

imajbox® is a compact and portable mobile mapping system designed for high speed and massive geo referenced data collection along transportation and linear networks.

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Mounted on cars, trucks, trains or boats, imajbox® can survey up to tens of thousands of kilometers.

Punctual, recurrent or nationwide projects, imajbox® is the tool to adapt to every task.

+ Inertial
+ vision

Imajbox® merges data captured by a set of sensors to ensure accurate and continuous positioning – a factory calibrated inertial measurement unit (IMU), a GNSS receiver and a barometric sensor – and operates a patended self-calibration algorithm using the image flow. 

imajing IMU

DX2 is the second generation of imajing MEMS IMU. It combines accuracy, repeatibility and robustness. Its factory calibration enables a compensated temperature drift from -40°C to +70°C, a controlled drift and a regular auto  recalibration. It is combined with inhouse image flow tracking technology. 

DX3 is an improved version of DX2 IMU with a filtering model adapted to trains and boats’ specific dynamic. 

DX4 is the highest end IMU to be combined with RTK positioning solutions. 

imajbox 2 mobile mapping system


An accurate and continuous spatial positioning made possible by proprietary algorithms, allowing the fusion of the sensors' raw data (GNSS, IMU, images)


Independant, stand-alone and autocalibrated


High speed surveys for large scale data collection.


Controlled by Wi-Fi and connectors for external sensors integration.


Easy mounting in all directions with the tripod's succion pads.


imajbox twin

imajbox® Twin
Choose the best configuration

This smart combination of two imajbox® is a panoramic mobile mapping system designed for any usage, like a toolbox.

Whatever the chosen combination, the whole system can be controlled and launched from a unique Wi-Fi interface via your smartphone or tablet.

imajbox® Twin can be used as one single system for a 120° panoramic survey. 

  • Collection of data on wide networks : 
          Highways with many lanes, wide streets, train stations. 
  • Knowledge of the network and its assets : 
          Get an immersive view of the network for virtual navigation and global knowledge of  assets.  

imajbox® Twin can be split in two and mounted towards the front and the back of the network. 

  • Increase productivity and manage surveying time : 
          Cover both ways with only one passage and optimize surveying trips. 
  • Focus on vertical equipments :
          Inventory traffic signs, public lighting and electrical networks localized on both sides of the road. 

imajbox® Twin can also be used to get a global view of the environment while focusing on targeted details. 

  • Front/pavement oriented :
          Focus on pavement condition. 
  • Front/lateral oriented : 
          Focus on facades, addresses, sidewalks, shoulders, public lighting, safety equipments, advertisement, vegetation and utilities. 

Post processing

imajing 3D Pro is a set of tools provided with imajbox® to compute depth maps behind 2D imajbox® images and generate 3D point clouds from a single pass. 

It automatically brings a 3rd dimension to single imajbox® surveys, providing a unique lidarless 3D source. 

imajing 3D Pro

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