railway maintenance

recurrent collection and diffusion of
geo-referenced images

Since November 2016, SNCF monitors its network with 3 railways geometry control trains named “SURVEILLE” or “ESV”.

These trains, which are equipped with two imajbox®, survey the entire main French network. Every month a large amount of images is collected along railways, at a production rate of 18,000 km per month.

The geo-referenced images are used in the SNCF organisation through different online applications for various purposes : 

  • Field inspection

Online from the office via imajnet®.
In the field with real time linear referencing thanks to the imajnet ® LRS App.

  • roadwork management & maintenance projects

Site preparation for works, asset inventory pre and post work, construction site reception and control, pruning projects…

  • engineering programs & studies

Signalling programs planning, telecom studies, catenary studies, research capability of railway work, ETCS analysis.

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