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aerial survey

surveying from an helicopter with imajbox 3tx+

Imajbox 3TX+ navigation system integrates 

4 constellations RTK/PPK GNSS receiver and tactical grade IMU that are both combined with vision flow to ensure perfect orientation and position at anytime, with any fllight conditions.


Installed outside on a multifunction arm, imajbox remains controlled from a simple smartphone, offering unequivalent survey simplicity and setup time.

It can be applied to aerial surveying of:

  • Railways
  • Motorways
  • Power lines / PIPELINES
  • Rivers or canals

Alone or in conjunction with terrestrial surveys, that can be done with the exact same imajbox.

With a high frame rate acquisition system (up to 17 frames/s), imajbox enables high speed surveys to cover long linear network with its 8.9 MPX global shutter imagery.

From imagery, 3D coordinates can be extracted as GIS features (points, lines, polygons) in imajview software or from imajnet web geo service .

With imajing 3D pro, imagery can be processed to produce 3D point cloud. 

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