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The Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA), responsible for public transport networks, called for tender to renew the rail signalling system with CBTC on both Long Island (LIRR) and Metro north (MNR) networks. Bombardier won the implementation of the Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) to provide an automatic train control system for traffic management.
Bombardier, looking for a mobile mapping system provider, has chosen imajing as its partner for this project. 

With the imajbox®, imajing supplied Bombardier with a convenient tool to easily map, measure and collect equipment, distances, slopes and curves along commercial railways during regular operations. After the first phase made by qualified surveyors, the imajbox® surveys of the LIRR and MNR network enabled Bombardier to validate the SIL4 level for the CBTC implementation on metropolitan railway network.


The outcomes of the surveys were both positioned in geographical and linear coordinates to immediately have a schematic representation and to control existing data.


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