imajing AI

Let imajingAI work for you.

Save time by entrusting your repetitive tasks to imajing’s artificial intelligence service.

Automatically inventory your network’s assets, detect change and blur faces and number plates, everything becomes simpler.

What imajingAI can do for you


With time, the state of your network’s assets change. imajingAI makes your life easier by giving you up to date information on the condition your assets are in.

Any unknown detected equipment will be detected and inserted into a data base. Conversely, all known equipment will be confirmed present at the time of your survey.


As each survey of a network can be compared to the previous ones, an alert will be set off in the case of any obsolete, missing or new equipment.

This is automatically make updates to your network data that can then be manually validated. 


Since 2018, any entity handling European personal data must apply the GDPR.

imajingAI uses machine learning to serve your compliance processes with the automatic detection and blurring of faces and car number plates.

By blurring faces and numbers plates with imajingAI, you will be compliant in respecting the privacy of personal data.

How imajingAI can process my data?


Upload to imajnet®

From the imajing browser, select the surveys you want to automatically process and upload them to imajnet®. 

Select the model to apply

Once uploaded, your surveys can be processed according to your needs. You can apply personal data protection (blurring faces and number plates) or the automatic inventory of any given network assets.

We currently provide models for railways, road signs, road utilities and streetlights. When regular surveys of the same network are made change detection is also available.



Automatic recognition and Geo-positioning or Blurring

Each image of each survey is processed and elements are identified. 

Review & Export

Each unique object built from detections is represented as a GIS object with a unique ID. 

You can review them on-line (imajnet® Gecko) on the map and in the images. Once you are happy with your inventory, you can export the results in CSV, kml or Shape files. 


What is imajingAI

imajingAI is a set of CNNs trained with a vast, carefully labelled, dataset providing high performance for automatic detections.

imajingAI is also a complete processing pipeline allowing detections of the same piece of equipment to be consolidated within a unique representation.

imajingAI offers solutions for “Dynamic asset database” management.

imajing AI is an industrial processing pipeline, ready to serve your assets inventory, your need for change detection, at scale.

imajing AI also georeferences in 3D any identified equipement to deliver a ready to use  product as a GIS layer of georeferenced features.

imajingAI is all this at the same time.

Play Video about imajing AI automatic detection road maintenance asset inventory


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